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How Heartland Works

Heartland holds a register of investors consisting of individuals who seek opportunities in direct private investment or Fund to Fund investment.

Heartland offers

A unique model of investing

Heartland holds a register of investors consisting of individuals who seek private equity investment opportunities. Investments are generally either direct private investments or fund to fund investments. The Heartland model is unique as it allows investors the ability to participate in investments that they may not be able to do in their own name.

The register enables Heartland to match investee entities or funds requiring capital, with willing investors. There is no obligation for registrants to invest in all or any opportunities. Registrants have the ability to access and update their own personal information via a secure site. Details of registrants is private to Heartland and will not be shared with any other person or organization.

Heartland sources and assesses investment opportunities for its investors largely through its extensive investment and business networks. Heartland’s target fund to fund market is credible funds that are prepared to work in partnership with Heartland, that may have the ability to offer co-investment opportunities, and that have managers with a high track record of investment experience. For direct private investment, Heartland’s target market is established businesses with good trading histories that are looking to expand.

(All recipients must have already confirmed their status as wholesale investors (as defined in the Financial Markets Conduct Act) or otherwise exempt from the disclosure requirements set out in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 by way of an exemption contained in schedule 1 of that Act.)
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Heartland Investments maintains accurate and durable financial records.

The Directors of Heartland are very conscious of the need to maintain accurate and durable financial records. Heartland’s financial records are managed by professionally qualified persons, and are available to investors at any time.

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Registration is free and enables eligible investors to receive an Information Memorandum for every new investment opportunity with us.