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Why Heartland?

Key advantages of Heartland Investments

Heartland’s fundamental objective is to deliver high performing investments to wholesale and eligible investors. Heartland achieves this by syndicating investments in parcels of $50k, allowing individuals to spread their investments over a range of opportunities.

Balanced Investment Portfolio

Heartland allows its investors to choose which investments they wish to participate in.

There is no cost to register as an investor with Heartland, and you are under no obligation to invest. Registration allows you to view every investment opportunity that Heartland has to offer.

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Quality Investment Management

Heartland seeks out and evaluates investments for its registered investors. The Heartland Board reviews the shortlisted opportunities, and through calculated selection, it then presents suitable opportunities to its registered investors.

Heartland enhances the investments by maintaining effective relationships with investors, fund managers and investee entities, where possible having director representation on the board of investee entities.

Experienced Investment Provider

Heartland has been managing and administering investments since 2005, which have included both investments in funds and direct investments in private entities.

With a proven track record, a low fee structure, and strict administration systems, Heartland is an extremely attractive investment provider.

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Investing with Heartland

Investment opportunities are only available to certain persons who are wholesale investors or otherwise exempt from the disclosure requirements set out in the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 by way of an exemption contained in schedule 1 of that Act.

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Registration is free and enables eligible investors to receive an Information Memorandum for every new investment opportunity with us.

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Pioneer Capital Partners

Pioneer Capital Partners

Heartland has consolidated several investments for its investors in Pioneer Capital's private equity funds, with the first investment being made in 2007.
Willis Bond Capital Partners

Willis Bond Capital Partners

Heartland has consolidated two investments in two of Willis Bond's three property development funds.
Ngaio & Grace

Ngaio & Grace

Heartland is actively managing a property development in Orakei in Auckland, in partnership with Beaudomus.