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Heartland provides wholesale investors and other eligible investors with a number of advantages over both investing in established private capital funds, and through direct individual investment.

Share in Large Investment Opportunities

Heartland is able to provide registered investors with a share in large investment opportunities that may otherwise fall outside their financial capacity to secure.  Investors generally invest in lots of $50,000, whereas by investing directly into a Fund or into a private company, the minimum investment amount may be much higher.

The Directors of Heartland are very conscious of the need to maintain accurate and durable financial records. Heartland’s financial records are managed by professionally qualified persons, and are available to investors at any time.

Ability to Maintain a Balanced Investment Portfolio

Directors for Each Investment Company with the Skill & Knowledge Set Most Relevant to that Particular Investment

Heartland’s large investor pool provides a source of specific knowledge relating to a large cross-section of industry.  This allows Heartland to complete the due diligence process in a more complete and effective manner.  Furthermore, when appointing directors subsequent to an investment, Heartland is in a position to appoint individuals with specific industry knowledge and skills that complement the board make-up. 

Investors, because of their own personal/business networks, have the ability to bring suitable investment opportunities to Heartland for evaluation and possible investment.

Investor Networks

Legal Structure

A separate legal structure is established for each investment, which usually takes the form of a limited partnership.  This limits the liability to the capital of the participants of that entity, and allows investors flow-through tax treatment of any capital returns adn/or profits and losses (if any) from investments and divestments. 

Thorough “due diligence” is conducted by Heartland or by an appointed agent.  Due diligence fees are generally 2% of the investment amount.

Due Diligence

Management / Administration

Heartland undertakes and carries out close management & administration of each investment.  The directors look to have Board representation where appropriate by suitably qualified people, and Heartland provides regular monitoring of the investment and delivers reports to participating investors. Administration fees are generally 1% of the investment amount per annum.

Heartland’s fee structure consists of agreed due diligence and management/administration fees as set out above.  Heartland may also share in superior returns to its investors where appropriate by receiving a performance based fee over and above a set return, although this depends on the nature of the investment and would not normally be the case for investments in Funds.

Fee Structure

Register as an Investor

Registration is free and enables eligible investors to receive an Information Memorandum for every new investment opportunity with us.